From BoingBoing: Flier Beats TSA Video Charge in Court.

Bogus charges becuase somebody in the TSA got all growly and snippy at somebody not bowing down and or cowering in terror. Unfortunately even though this man won the legal case he's out thousands of dollars, we're out taxpayer money for this nonsense that only further demonstrates the TSA does not make us any safer and seems to exist only to give people who love to harass and bully an ounce of legitimized power over somebody else.

Because Phil did something completely epic and win I have decided to add my voice to the crowd calling for donations to recoup his lost legal fees. Yes it's a tough economy but any amount that can be spared. Sure it's not feeding the homeless or saving starving whoevers wherever, but this is an issue that deserves more press. the TSA DOES NOT WORK. The more we show that it DOES NOT WORK the better. Below is a quoted block of text containing the relevant paypal link.

Contributions can be made online via Paypal. Note that the Paypal donation receipt will read, “Canabis Defense Coalition”, as this is the group that volunteered to collect donations for Phil’s defense. But all funds donated will go to Phil’s defense. Contributions by cash, check, or money order can be sent directly to Mr. Mocek’s lawyers: Phil Mocek legal defense, Freedman Boyd Hollander Goldberg Ives; Duncan PA, 20 FIRST PLAZA CTR NW STE 700, ALBUQUERQUE NM 87102-5802.V

Edit: The thing that galls me here is my stepdad's about to go on a business meeting and he has to fly to get there (or else it's a REALLY long drive. Honestly don't expect any problems on his behalf, but it disturbs me that people get to act like this and not get fired. AS said in the many many comments on boingboing the guy getting hassled, the guy showing unnatural amounts of calm in spite of getting poked, prodded, and so on has the attitude to work in security rather than the rent-a-cops that're on camera.

I was going to do an article asking what ever happened to cyberpunk and why it isn't recognizable even in 'internet drama' type writings. This right here my friends is why Cyberpunk is dead. I isn't nearly as fun to read about oppressive police and corporations that own people's lives when it's in the news rather than fiction.

I'm goin to bed.
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