Life Imitates Comics?

Phoenix Jones. Google that nameBetter yet let me.

He isn't the only one out there either, however he's the one I've found the most out in a brief googling.

trouble is i'm late to the party apparently and the chinwaggers have already had plenty of time speaking on the matter. So yea. I'm split on the idea. Guy wants to do something to help and is acting. Awesome. Police haven't released his name, also awesome. Seems they're more concerned for his, and other masked vigilante, safety more than anything else.

Friend of mine calls it the Gotham Effect. People sick of where they're living being horrible and start attempting to do stuff about it. As far as i know there's about ten people in the Seattle area doing this, some not in this 'rain city group'. Look I'm not entirely sure how to roll with this one.

It's just surreal that I'm writing about masks and capes and it's NOT fiction.

there's been decades of discussion on the pro v con v morality of Masks. I'm not sure what the hell to make of this. My inner geek is going 'WOOOOOO' the rational bits are going 'hey waitaminute. what kind of training did these people get anyway?' Other bits and pieces warring over training, methodology, what would prompt this guy (or others) to jump in. Whether their actions would get someone's case thrown out of court/mistrial.

I want to see where this goes. Why it started now as opposed to some other time or if it's been going on elsewhere here and there only nobody bothered reporting on it (or the reports not believed.)

I'm not a news guy. I'm just an opinion dude. Sorry I'm o light on facts.

Hey wonder if the Rain City folk plan on getting themselves on facebook/Twitter.
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