On Pirate Boxes and Plug Servers

     In an attempt to distract me from the Situation in Egypt and because there was a break in the day's furniture moving, fence mending, and other weekend do-list stuff I decide to mouse around the net for a bit just to see what I could see. Actually this is showing up a day late because we had to break the desktop down and as of this moment I don't know how to get the Cricket modem to talk to my Cr-48 once it's plugged in. Sorry.

     I'm a big fan of Lifehacker. Some of the posts are fairly miss, but most have been educational, or at least interesting. They had linked to a little DiY I happen to enjoy and find relevant. Ladies and gentlemen; I give you The Pirate Box.
    No that's not the Lifehacker article. I instead decided to go straight to the source because it's interesting, and I feel like it. Oh of course it's branded like it is to catch attention both from the oldster Free Radio movement but I'm sure most readers, all five of you, will see more connection to File Sharing and or The Pirate Bay.
     Let's take a moment here to stop and consider all the possabilities such teeny tiny technology allows for us beyond sharing copies of the movie of the moment that will end up being forgotten immediately after the award shows. We have here a full blown server that can fit in something as small as a lunch box. Think of all the potential uses there.

Just a few that pop out at me just from the top of my head:

     Home/Building File Server. Small form factor put in a case you can make attractive and you've got something that won't look frikken ugly sitting out on a book shelf, or just around somewhere. Granted in that case the battery wouldn't be important, but having one wouldn't be a bad thing. 
     I had thought of using a setup like this for a privet gaming server to test out content one doesn't want to have go live, but I'm not actually sure how feasible that is in most situations. Oh sure there's a multiplayer Rouge-like out there, and there's always text based MUDs, but I'd say a good 90% of people out there wouldn't care of such things. 
     I wonder if this setup could play host to IRC along with whatever file/page sharing duties it has to do. My inexperience with networking is showing isn't it? 
     Privet hosting so clients at a meeting can securely move files to and from without putting the web anywhere in the mix. Idea could be extended to have your own cloud, but more on that in a teensy bit. 
     Bulletin Board Service/Forum: Yes the hardware's overkill for this, but I'm thinking more apartment/condo/office/crowd wide than just your immediate family. 

     Originally I was going to go off on a huge tangent on how this could possibly lead ot a homw grown bottom up internet with each of these microservers being a local node that could serve as a building or exeedingly local area's gateway, but I know nothing of the logistics coding or even the how legal such an operation would be. So I'm asking any technically minded readers I have. Input please. The idea tickles my fancy.
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