On the whole WebM Thing...

Chromeium Blog Has a post about this. It seems to have stirred up a bit of unhappy noises, especially from the pro-h.264 crowd.

General detractor reaction goes something like this:
     onoes h.264 support is being dropped but they're tying themselves to flash. Google r hypocrytical!

Right. The Sky is falling. The Sky is falling. I'll get right on that buddy.

So why is Google not evil for glomming flash onto themselves when it's admittedly a crufty bit of plugin that slows the web down, drains battery life, and is totally closed off?

Tough really to defend other than to say that flash has been used so long that to drop support for it means your product will not be used because it does not have the functionality you need. Dropping native h.264 support does not do this because it is still supported in flash and, has been pointed out elsewhere, Firefox never supported it.

Of course Google could just bundle gnash right? Not quite. Gnash, if I'm looking at this right, is only useful for viewing swf files. OK fine, that in theory works. and, again, in theory you can watch youtube with this. However as is it's a very unorganized pile.

But if Google dumped support on it Gnash could be good ammirite?

Possibly, possibly not. However if you could get a deal with adobe that would leave it clear that nobody's going to get fleeced wouldn't you just go with the original? There are legally free tools for developing for flash. It's been around since the mid-ninties

That could be it. h.264 is dropped because of development costs, not to Google but instead to small startups, and flash doesn't have that potential barrier. Seems about the only reason for the drop to be honest.

Well that and the fact html5 is still in it's infancy and if Google can kill off a closed standard before the new html thing get's solidified that should, down the road, pay out.

I haven't been in any of the different web discussions over the matter since it's fairly obvious I drink the Google kool-aid and thus to any of the opposing camps my opinion is worthless. Therefor arguing on the internet about this is pointless, wastes time, and isn't even fun. At least getting stuck on minecraft is amusing.

Speaking of minecraft. We have Flash in Chrome OS but no Java. Unlike Flash there are open source things (OpenJDK comes to mind) that arne't so backward that the end user has to fight the box.) Talk to us Google. Why is java not there. Sure flash I can see as being bundled since without flash in your OS the web breaks, but no java? Wat?
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