Re: Steve Jobs Current Health Situation

I've little love for apple's CEO. I dislike his insistence on everything meeting his 'vision' and woe be to anyone that works under him that has an ounce of individuality. I dislike that he insists on parking in a handicapped spot for no reason other than that he's Steve Jobs and is exempt from the petty rules mere mortals have to follow.

However I don't know him, therefor I cannot muster anything other than resentment at Jobs-the-apple-ceo. As for Jobs-the-man I have a healthy dose of respect for the man for having built apple out of his garage in the seventies, starting a revolution with the GUI (won't argue that he stole the idea from XEROX PARC, but I don't see anyone else having tried to make a go at commercializing it.) He started another with the iPod and other iAppliances.

I wish him well in what will be tough times ahead even if all else goes well.
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