Robot City

Le Sigh. It's something  It's guess. Late, but here we go. Need to get back ahead because this day to day scraping by is for the birds. I'm honestly surprised I have an audience of any sort.

Small two story office was where the disturbance was called in at. When Aleph and Alexis pulled in they saw lots of flashing lights, lots of guns drawn, Cameras, and a whole lot of nothing hinting at anything more than a crowd control problem.
Aleph scowled at the scene and looked to Alexis. "You handle the crowd. I'll go see what all the fuss is over."
"Right. Saddle me with the hard stuff."
They got out and found themselves mobbed by media taking pictures, asking for their opinions and it was almost enough to get both of them angry. After about a minute Aleph grabbed the nearest person in uniform. "Who's in charge here? i want to know who's head I need to stomp in for letting the clowns in."
The man looked back, too terrified to speak.
Alexis gently pulled Aleph's hand away and wrapped an arm 'round the man's shoulder. "C'mon. Partner's had a bad day." In a stage whisper she added, "I think he's due for a recharge." She noted Aleph's grin before watching him disappear into the building. "Now that big bad robo-cop's gone how about we find your boss and see what's going on k?"

Meanwhile Aleph was cautiously padding through half finished hallways looking for what the report labeled as 'a highly erratic and unstable construction drone.' Frustrated with what was likely an exaggerated claim he rapped a knuckle against one of the walls. "Hello, anyone up here?"
A brick flying at his face caused him to quick-draw. Object deflection came easy for him. The first time anyway. More bricks, tools, and other loose bric-a-brak got thrown at him.
"Hey!" Sure none of it would've penetrated his armor but, as Aleph found out, getting pelted even by nonlethal but still heavy objects is painful. "Stop that I just want to talk!"
Another brick aimed at his head was the only answer he got.
"You wanna play that way then? Fine." Aleph had by this point gotten close enough to see a dark outline of somebody more or less human looking duck into a stairwell leading down.
With a sigh and a glance skyward he put a call in to his partner. "Get in here. We've got a runner." With a single chirp as an acknowledgment he switched to a general frequency, one used by the rest of the on-scene officers. "I need everyone not in uniform away from this building. Suspect is headed underground. Somebody get me the building's blueprints. I want ot know if there's a maintenance tunnel he could be headed for."
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