Robot City

Well hey now. Was somewhat hampered by the fact my copy of Open office tanked, but fortunately for me both stories I'm currently working on are already on google docs. The whole story file won't convert, presumably due to size, but the indavidual stories were relatively easy to break up. Unfortunately between google docs not being all that great with my connection and scratchpad having display errors (jamming lines of text together) I'm kindof having to work up hill. Eh. I'm making it work. Sorta... Kinda.

Alexis had to fight down the urge to sprint after her partner when the cal came for her to go in. It was a powerful impulse, what with the idea she might be saving his tinker-toy hide and or the possibility she might do more than public relations. What helped her keep brewhathing even and movements methodical as she moved through the near light-less building was that if she wasn't careful she'd be used as a human shield.
Ordinarily she'd flip a flashlight on and have a look around, but her suit had light amplification and if she wanted she could switch to infra-red. This was important since even though synths were non-living they had an internal energy source and moved, so would be warmer than their surroundings. Plus, unlike what bollywood liked to portray, synths had a radically different heat-pattern compared to a human.
TL;DR Alexis could spot this runner even if he tried hiding in a crowd of people.
She hadn't radioed her partner except for a brief acknowledgement chirp. No need in tipping any listening ears on what they were doing. Then again, she mused as she glanced about yet another empty room, police in riot gear waving weapons around. Not friendly approachable at all.
"Hey!" She called out when she found a stairwell and, with a grimace, debris on the floor. "Anyone here?" She thumbed her transmitter on. "Aleph what's your position?"
Static, something something. Nothing. More static.

   Alexis frowned before switching to the general-use frequency the cops outside were likely monitoring. "Be advised. Lost contact with my partner. Proceeding under assumption of hostile suspect." 
        "Understood." Calm voice, sounded like one of the people outside rather than dispatch. "Any further actions you want from us?" 
   What she wanted was about twenty people in full riot gear using their stompy boots to turn whoever was out there gooy. Insteadd she shook her head. "Relay my situation and call for backup. Other than that just do what you've been doing." 
      "Keep in touch." 
      Alexis clicked her radio back to Aleph's frequency under the idea that the more she heard from it the closer she was.
        "I'm not going back!" Words screamed from the other end of the hallway Alexis had just entered. Contrary to Aeph's last transmission there hadn't seemed to be any sign of anybody headed underground. They were, after all, on the third floor and-
      Quick. Something thrown at her head.
        She'd already moved out of the object's arc as soon as it was thrown and fired two rounds in the suspect's general direction in an attempt to keep his head down. "Don't make this any uglier than it has to be!"
        Sound of something scraping against the floor. "I said I'm not going back!" She heard a snap-hiss. Before she realized what she was doing Aleis drew her own weapon and charged at the man.
    Blade met blade there. Alexis's assessment of her opponent went from 'punk' to 'threat' in the space of several heartbeats as he showed at least as much skill as most of the people she's sparred against. Was he alone? Was he just trying to keep her distracted till a partner could shoot her in the back?
    "Go back where?" She sidestepped a head-cut and stepped back a pace. For the moment she was letting the man take the offensive, see if he was using any obvious patterns she could exploit. She saw it. Same sort of flourish and twist the non-sentient practice drones used. Granted seeing was different than coming up with an effective counter. 
   Her attacker cocked his head. "They didn't send you?" Her attacker's voice was a bare whisper when he was run through. His weapon clattered to the floor, safety mechanisms causing the energy blade to wink out.        
   Only then did Alexis realize the shell she had been fighting matched the one that was reported stolen. She swore under her breath but checked to see how bad the damage was and found that the primary core was unharmed.
   Of course that was all fine and important since it meant forensics might be able to tell if this was related to a thought-to-have-been closed down body snatching ring, but her partner was still missing.

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