Valkyrie: House of Pain

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     At the now compromised window she paused to consider her next move.

     The room looked like it might have been a bedroom once, if one ignored the garbage, haphazardly stacked boxes, and enough fast-food leavings to feed an army of rodents. Sam considered all this and with an inward sigh of relief noted the door was closed and by the sounds coming from the other side nobody had noted her entrance.
     You getting anything? Sam gripped the doorknob and waited.
     Can't really say. Whatever this guy was he's been here too long and the tracks've gotten muddy.
     Sam waited. She didn't want to go barreling in only to get sucker punched and put in an even harder to get out of cage. Can we torch the house? This guy's helpers don't look like they're playing with a full deck and if he's as bad as you say. Burn it.
     Sure. Send enough power back through one of the outlets here and it looks like shoddy electrical, you kill a few of his goons, maybe cleanse whatever he was doing here, but this guy probably will just go into hiding.
     So we... Nuts. He might have other people here. The thought hit her while she was listening to the armor's idea on how this would play out. The idea more people were here angered her. Frak it. We're going in.
      Door burst open. Sam glanced around, kicked down the nearest closed door, gun held ready. Empty. I thought you couldn't do objects.
     I'm starting to feel better. The Talon's a familiar object and if you don't push it too hard I should be able to keep up. Next room she looked through was also empty. As was the whole first floor.
     Don't think this place has one. Upstairs.
     Sam grimaced but crept up the steps, wondering what this person was going to try. She hadn't fought anyone that could do what she could, not quite anyway. Max came closest, but he was more a Brick than she was, and not counting thrown objects he wasn't much of a threat if he couldn't get his hands on you.
     She stopped at the top of the steps and started for the nearest door. It was to the room she'd just escaped from. There was a man there. Well it looked and moved like a man. Everything about him on some subconscious level struck her as wrong.
     Paste him! Not that she needed encouraging. As soon as she saw the man she'd started firing. A whole clip emptied into the man, bullets punching through his chest in a respectable grouping.
    Once the echoes subsided and even the ringing in her ears started to die down Sam noted in spite of having a dozen rounds shot through him the man was still standing, still facing away from her. Slowly he turned to face her, the ruin and expected mess associated with gunshot wounds very plain to see.
     "That was exceedingly rude." He took a breath and exhaled as he tried fussing with his ruined shirt.
     You've gotta be kidding me. Sam ran at the man, throwing her now useless gun at him. Sure he didn't seem to care that it hit him in the shoulder, but it was somewhat hard to ignore the shoulder to the chest. Magically enhanced and questionably alive this man was, but even magic had to make some concessions to physics and mass times velocity does stuff whether you wish it or not.
    Like putting you on the floor with an angry woman pinning you down while she's punching you in the face with armor plated fists. He didn't twitch, move to shield his face, or even scream.
    Sam didn't stop till she was sure he wasn't going to move, and even then it was only because her arms were tired and she wanted to get away from there. Before leaving, though, she managed to get the body lit. By the time she left the house was well on it's way to becoming a smoldering ruin.

    Something feels wrong here. Sam had plenty of time to think while she waited for David to pick her up. Didn't even fight back. She exhaled and shook her head. OK, so corpseguy left a decoy for me to smack around. Why? She shook her head as she paced about. He'd have to know I'd figure out that wasn't him sooner or later. Why not just leave an empty house, or a bomb, or something instead of a punching bag?
     As David pulled up she grumbled. Any time here man. Throw a girl a line.
     I'm not sure either Sam. I'll let you know if anything pops up though. Go home. Get some sleep.
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