10 Nook Color hacks

PCWorld is pretty known for its lame top 10 lists, constant Jobsian ass kissing, and "How to (something blatantly obvious to Windows and GNU/Linux users here) in OSX, but this article caught my eye. Granted it initially grabbed my attention since it had nothing to do with the aforementioned subjects besides being a top 10 list. Most of the things aren't all that interesting since i dint own a Nook Color nor do i know anyone who does, but holy crap, YOU CAN OVERCLOCK IT AND GET BETTER BATTERY LIFE. That made me read the rest of the article (which is why it was near the top of the article, since the person who wrote it knows the rest of it is rather uninteresting). Unfortunately per typical PCWorld article, they didn't really do much research before posting. Turns out, the reason it gets better battery life isn't the overclock itself, but the fact they are undervolting it. To the layperson, this means they are running the CPU at a lower voltage than it normally runs at, which if stable will usually draw less power. Same trick laptop and TI-83 calculator tinkerers have done for years. It also uses an optimized kernel, which probably has quite a bit to do with it as well. Too bad the writer used the ZOMG OVERCLOCKING cliche instead of the somewhat more mundane but still awesome truth.

Good attempt though.

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