Egypt is Free: Mubarak is Gone

So Mubarak is gone. I'm writing this as Obama speaks on tv. Wasn't sure what to think, as sources seemed at conflict and I wasn't sure on reliability. First Mubarak didn't want to step down, then he wanted to hand power off to his vice, and now he's gone.

The Egyptian military has done an admirable job keeping order, all things together. I hope they don't become corrupt between now and when free elections take place. I have nothing really to say that others aren't already saying. Take a few steps back. Breath. Try rationally lay out a government that takes in all the different and sometimes conflicting voices of your nation and people.

Egyt. I salute you. Though I have a lack of faith in the governments and other people in power I have faith that you will learn from the mistakes of your fathers and your peers. You did something incredible and world changing. Stand tall. You have made everyone take notice. Show us all that what you have gained will not be taken away or dessolve into petty backbiting and factionalism that grinds all progress to a halt.

I will keep watching.
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