Egypt: Making History One More Time

      So, according to the latest announcements 'President' Mubarak has announced free elections in September. People of Egypt. You have done it. You have achieved your goal. If he tries reversing himself between now and then the whole world will know, and if the past week has been anything to go by if crackdowns are attempted in the meantime things will be done to correct the matter international aid or no.

     However I must caution those that wish for an immediate removal to hang back a moment, calm down and look at the situation both in the immediate and long term. Use this time to rebuild from the chaos, the attempts by thugs (of whatever sort) to destroy your homes and heritage, and to form a long term set of goals and aims for the different parties that will run against each-other in these new elections.
Look at my country. The United States started as a grand experiment. Though I feel it has become mired to the point where all the current players I and backers have made it one evil verses another it is still a good system that allows it's citizens basic freedoms (that I am currently employing in voicing my dissatisfaction with the current status quo.) Learn from that experiment. Look at our history, our triumphs, and our failings. Do better than we have.
     Let there be more than two parties. Have some form of oversight into campaign contributions if any are granted by a committee that isn't selected by the very people they are supposed to act as a watchdog for abuses from. Look at every democratic nation, those that claim democracy and those that are democratic in fact. Look at their systems, try divorcing the personalities as much as possible and ask what works, what could use improving on, and what needs to be addressed before the ball gets rolling.
     Can't claim to know how the system currently in place over there is supposed to work/would work had Mubarak not maintained a death grip on power for so long and maybe if corruption can be kept at bay it would be the least worst method given it's familiarity of form. However I am insanely worried that corruptions, partisanship; as well as the feeling that no matter who gets voted in won't bother with follow through after the fact that seems to have become politics as normal in America (at least from my perspective.)
     I salute everyone who has been a direct part of this revolution. I also have to tip my hat to Al-Jazeera for their doggedness in the face of adversity. For the longest time I'd dismissed them as the Arab world's equivalent to 'Faux News'I have to say I'm glad to have been proven wrong. Granted I'm sure there's bias there, but instead of covering the Entertainment section as if it were earth shaking headlines they've apparently focused on actual relevant news.

     What infuriates me most on a personal level is due to things being moved about my home connection is down, and so I've been out of the loop during a very busy moment in world history.
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