Fiabee Musings-Cloud Storage

When you live in The Cloud what do you do when you want to store something? There's Dropbox, Ubuntu One, Google Docs, 'mail yourself an attachment', but when I got my Cr-48 and looked in the app store I saw Fiabee.

Full Disclosure: The provided link, if used to sign up for an account, gives me an added 250MB of storage. If I were emailing this link out to people in my address book that would neither read nor likely care about a near automated simi-spam message it would contain the following as a default.

     We have an invitation for you to try out Fiabee Sync of 1 GB at no charge.  
     Plus you'll be able to gain additional space when you and invite friends and they install Fiabee Sync. You'll receive 250 MB for every new instalation, up to total of 10 GB including your initial 1 GB at start. 
     Don't wait to access and share your files on the go, anywhere and anytime.

So 11 GB of space. 11 WHOLE gigs of space. I know, in the modern day and age where harddrives can be had in terrabyte sizes. However this is free, and offers a convenient way to throw a few things up I can then grab later. 'So does dropbox, what's so special here?' Not going to say this is better than drop, or anything else, because I don't know the featureset. However it's easy for me to use, offers me a decent amount of parking space, and if Google would let me have an option to save things either locally or to whatever cloud storehouse I have set up whenever I right click that be the topper to the whole deal.

Right now I use it to stow ebooks, random bric-a-brak I haven't figure out what I"m going to do with, but can't think of a better spot for it to stay. Picasa and Photobucket have image needs mostly taken care of, and Google Docs takes care of in progress work (and lets you upload anything even if it isn't going to convert.)  What I need is a way to stow music, my music I have living on devices, in the cloud hosted by a service the RIAA isn't going to sue into oblivion.

Could, if I had the money and or ability to grab the materials, make a networked drive, or a fileserver, but for now this seems like it will do.

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