Found on BoingBoing: ACTA Cable confirmed Copyright Screw for Non-Rich

Now This is why the US Government and it's corporate overlords wanted wikileaks shut down. Not because of some supposed blowing of cover (which has already been done well enough by the governments themselves.) No. Instead they want embarrassing crap like this suppressed.

Things like this make me sad and embarrassed to be part of a country trying to shove down the worlds throats for the good of nobody outside of a small handful. Same handful that has shoved unfair and distorted copyright laws down our throats so that Das Mouse will never enter public domain (nevermind Mickey is also a registered trademark, thus off limits anyway.)

There are moments where I can't muster outrage at copyright and the club being wielded to try battering down any resistance to 'copyright' turning into 'we own this forever and ever and ever and we'll just gobble it up 'for your own good.'

This is not one of those days

Seriously. Guys. This does not benefit the rest of us.

Things like this happen yet the MAFIAA gets to treat its customers like criminals....


I'm walking off before I go into screamy twitchy fits.
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