Lo-Fi Web is Me

     I've been part of the Google Pilot Program for close to two months now and I've hit something of a snarl that I'm sure a few of you will appreciate. Due to economic realities there is a gap between Cricket's service and when it is able to be paid for. Part of the reason I use them is their up front-ness of cost and lack of late fees. Of course right now with only the 100Mb free access Verizon kindly bundled with my Cr-48 I am in something of a bind until a more lasting solution can be found.
     Sure I can and am updating my blog and surfing, albeit in a highly limited manner, but short of sliding back into dev mode and finding a way to install lynx so I can strip down to bare minimum and stretch that little amount of bandwidth as long as I can.

Why is Gopher Still Relevant?
Cameron Kaiser, from the Overbite Project

     An Interesting essay I found while discussing my current net situation with an associate of mine about a networking protocol I've no real personal experience with. Still. It seems a fitting parting gift for the home audience to chew over.
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