Looking past the Redwall: Brian Jaques Dead

     I've never been a fan of the Redwall books. So it wasn't till a short while ago that I found out the series author died today. I could go on about why I wasn't a fan, but you know what? Not today. The man enriched the lives of children the world over. His books are the reason several people I've known over the years started reading. Fan or no I have to respect that.

     How to cope though if he was a childhood favorite? I can't say for sure how to handle it if you have kids and they found out. However the only advice i have is what I did when I found out Arthur C. Clarke and Robert Jordan died. Pick up their works and have a week long memorial read-a-thon. If you have children that love the man's works have a shared reading. If you're a kid who has reasonably cool parents try getting them to red with/to you.  If parents are a non-option or you feel that such measures would be situationally unsound call on friends if you can and especially if they're also readers.

     We'll understand. Trust me on this one.
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