Man Makes Millions off Salvation Army: I am Not Amused

So. I nose around the net on the off chance something pops up. After all it's that or attempt to write a big huge nostalgia essay and I'm not sure how everyone would feel on me waxing nostalgic on things that I didn't rightly appreciate till I was grown and they were either gone, or so far from the mainstream that they have dropped out of the public eye. Actually probably going to do that anyway since a little introspection in the public eye might be a good thing now and again. However before I managed to get more than half a sentence down I saw this.

Paying workers a decent salary so that they'll have workers I can understand. Having somebody making millions off of 'administrative expenses' makes me want to personally go to the man's mansion and punch him in the face. Granted that won't happen, for a variety of reasons, but people skimming off the top from donations people make in the sincere belief that it actually helps people are the reason why most people feel so cynical about charities these days.

That and the cold-robo-charity/mugger calls, people on the street, door to door knockers, and you get the idea right? I've benefited from charity through my life. I've known people who literally owe the clothes on their backs to charitable organizations. Giving to those less fortunate than yourself is something to be applauded and held up as a standard in what seems to be largely a 'gimme gimme gimme' culture out there.

Then there's people that are at the top of the charity org food chain that are literal millionaires because you and  few million other folk put pocket change in the jar. I care not what excuses this person makes. He has decided that money is more important than any form of respect from his fellow human being.

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