Missiah's $10 challange

     3d Animation. Yes there's Blender, and it is good. However what if you want something used professionally? You're usually going to have to pay a few hundred to several thousand dollars per license. Kindof limits the field, and is a contributing factor in the piracy problem traditional software suffers. People either simply don't want to or can't pay that much money.
     I suppose that was a contributing factor in an experiment currently underway. The basic version of the current version of Messiah is being sold for $10 and the 'pro' edition going for $40. It is listed as running on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This stuff's been used in big budget movies and the company has been around for awhile so this isn't a fly by night thing.
     What's the catch? There has to be a catch ya? Sure. Nobody gets their license key until the end goal for money made is reached. Presumably if the goal isn't met everyone gets refunded. Oh and it's a temporary deal. After the offer ends the cost goes back to normal.

Need to get your mitts on Messiah right now?

If you need to purchase licenses of the software to use right now for a project, you can purchase them normally HERE -> Buy Normal, and if the goal is met from this offer, you will be refunded the difference in price between the equivalent version you purchased, and the Dare To Share™ special.
If you are already an owner of version 5, and also meet the offer requirements to purchase this special, please see the **note at the bottom of the page.
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