MPAA Threatens to Sue Google

     Apparently the MPAA wants to kick Google off the Internet. So let's look at it from a tinfoil hat perspective. Don Verrilli has been made Solicitor General. Google has 'volunteered ' to monkey with autocomplete. Doesn't take too much of a larger leap to think of this as an attempt by the MAFIAA to see if they can bully Google all they like and get away with it, or if Google will creek an eye open and bury them in so many legal fees and court appearances that they can't afford costs.
     That would be absolutely and cosmically hilarious. Sadly I don't think that will happen. What then? Not sure other than Old Media playing dirty, using the law as a billy club to try getting what they want and if they can't bully they'll use their bought and paid for politicians in an attempt to straitjacket Google into doing their bidding.

...or it could just resolve in stalemate and return to status quo once the MAFIAA realizes poking Google with a stick is a really bad idea.
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