Nikola Tesla (Никола Тесла) Facts

     Due to being somewhat in a funk and needing some random to lift spirits I decided to revisit the 'facts' idea I'd done previously with Brian Blessed and I figured 'It's just the internet. Even if nobody likes this it'll get too lost in the noise to be flamed.' Lo and Behold the kind folk of Brass Goggles had already done it, which is really handy since they saved me a great deal of trouble coming up with facts.

Beware Troper! Truth is stranger than fiction!

Nicola Tesla was inspired to work with electricity after he received a static shock from his beloved cat. (That part's actually true) The cat in question was a saber-tooth tiger named "Ivan the indestructible".

That new and shiny gizmo that 'just got invented' last Thursday? Tesla did it first. In a Desert. With a box of scraps!

Tesla's case against Marconi over who invented the radio was only decided after Tesla's death out of spite (somewhat true.)

Nikola Tesla dabbled in genetic research. He named one of his creations Secretariate and another Chuck Norris.

Telsa was offered membership to the royal inventor's society, but he turned them down because they still had human servants instead of robotic ones.

Tesla can project his thoughts via white noise; though anybody who hears them spontaneously combusts.  Nobody can be subjected to that level of awesome and survive except Chuck Norris and Stephen Hawking. They have regular discussions about the nature of the universe and the best way to blow a person's mind.

Tesla once slipped on ice, did a full 360 in midair and landed on his feet (this is true).  Had he landed on his back the offending ice patch would have been vapourised by thought power alone.

Tesla could have raised the Titanic but thought better of it.  Unlike Lew Grade.

The famous feud of Tesla vs. Edison all started when they were deciding what to invent next. Tesla said giant fighting robots, Edison said lightbulbs. Telsa then moved to japan, where they welcomed his giant robot idea with open arms.

Tesla invented the wireless power, but was forced not to continue his endevour, because the copper manufacturers stopped him. (kinda true)

Nicola Tesla never died, He is merely hibernating until the world needs him again... Unless he's actually off traveling through time.

Tesla invented Tom Selleck's mustache.

Nikola Tesla also invented the concept of dashing photographs.

When Tesla died left us the US Government confisated all his research notes, lab equipment, and will not allow anyone to look at them.
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