Review: Secretariat

     God's Horse. The Super Horse. The Best Horse that Ever Lived. Call him what you want but Secretariat still holds track records almost forty years after he ran. Oh and there's the small thing at the Belmont where he won the last race of the Triple Crown by a little over thirty lengths.
     Not too long ago there was a movie about this horse. Yea yea fuzzy feel good movie like any other biopic that gets done. It has good casting. It has good actors. It has good sound and great visuals. Trouble is when I first saw it my mind couldn't help but latch onto the fact that her'es yet another woman being shown having to fight up hill against men. Heeeere we go again folks; men are acceptable targets, high budget Lifetime Movie of the Week.
     Then I stopped to examine that train of thought. Horse racing, even today, is a very male dominated field amongst the owners, at least here in the United States. The seventies weren't the most female friendly point in history, and this is a woman entering a Good Old Boys sport. Of course she's going to get knocked around.
     While I applaud attempts at showing how things likely were I personally feel jaded towards any depiction of woman's uphill struggle. It just feels so overdone that I can't really like the movie even though it does a good job at giving what is probably history's finest racehorse his due to a generation that probably doesn't know he exists.
     I give it a rent on the basis of overdone hollywood woman story... even though it's not nearly so bad as I make it out. After all if this were a Lifetime Original Movie she would've gotten raped, beaten, and even the horse would've wanted nothing to do with her on the basis of it being male. It is far far better than that, but the amount of 'oh well you're a woman so what do you know' just makes me facepalm, especially when she's in the middle of proving that she's exactly where she is supposed to be.

     One last thing I will say, and this has to do with the dvd rather than the contents. I have long had a hate of Disney's dvds because they wouldn't let you skip the commercials, advertising, 'you are a dirty pirate scumbag stop downloading your soul away', and the newest pitch to get blu-ray. This dvd has a 'brand new feature' that lets you hit menu and go straight to the main menu. Who knew this was possible? Awesome! Innovative! About frakking time they did this too... y'know, catch up with studios from twelve years back.
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