Setting Saturday: And Your Little Dog Too!

I started my real life Pathfinder game recently, and it went very well. I combined three different ideas into something that worked out really well... so far. The players are so far unaware of the shit that's going to hit the fan later on.

The PCs started off as kids in a small village where an old man told them stories about his adventuring days (who is incidentally also the village sheriff), smiting blue-skinned goblins with bolts of lightning. This provides the PCs with motivation to become adventurers, so it worked well in that aspect.

These kids go look into mysterious camp fires in the forest. There had also been a rash of pets disappearing as well. They end up finding a small group of goblins fighting over the cooked remains of one of the PC's pets. The PCs gave up the ghost though and the goblins hid. So they went and got the sheriff. After convincing their parents it was okay to let them go with the sheriff (over the sheriff's objections...), they set out to end the goblin menace.

The ensuing confrontation did not end too well for the kids, because two of them got pegged with arrows from the little goblin buggers. The sheriff ends up killing two of the very well hidden goblins (with a wand of Magic Missile because they were a bit too well concealed...), leaving the third one by himself. He drags the kids back to the village, where the old elf cleric fixes them up and sends them on their way home.

A week later, the king's men show up to arrest the sheriff for witchcraft (unlicensed practice of magic). This is promptly turned into a public spectacle wherein the whole village shows up to run the king's men out. They come back later that night and burn the village to the ground for aiding an accused witch. The PCs find out that the sheriff really could shoot lightning... from pistols, which he was using to take on the king's men and allow some of the villagers to escape.

The kids gathered up what supplies they could and fled with the surviving townsfolk, vowing revenge. They never saw the sheriff again. The elf cleric, despite a nasty sword wound to the chest, helps the villagers establish a well-hidden community in the near-by forests.

It is now twelve years after the prologue. I'll get into the second half of the session some other time.
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