Sundered Heavens: Undreamt Of

Anderson found he couldn't move and every hard-won breath was filled with blinding fire. The wind blowing across the impact crater was a razor wind across his charred flesh. He saw his enemy looming large over him. Burned and nearly broken, the machine that wore the shape of man sounded startlingly human, filled with a deep sadness as it hoisted Anderson up with a strength no dying thing ought to have.

"We've seen things you've never dreamed of, Anderson. Vast leviathans basking in the red glow of super giants. We've watched new life take its first steps on distant worlds. Heard the celestial choir and seen the face of God. In time, all these moments will be yours. Eventually, you will all embrace enlightenment as we have. Until we meet again."

Then the biot abruptly died, dropping Simon's battered body and collapsing into a heap, leaving Anderson alone in his pain and misery. The last thing he heard before the pain consumed him entirely was the distant sound of hovercraft.
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