Torn Feelings over Cricket

As a few of you might know I'm currently using Cricket as my home connection and am less than pleased with the arrangement. Granted it's pretty headscratchy to have a 3g connection as one's home setup but it's what's available. Due to reasons I won't go into I've recently ditched verizon in favor of a Cricket prepaid phone.

Let's get into the nuts and bolts:

Verizon's prepaid plan, no matter which one you pick other than the top tier, charges you a dollar a day just to use. After that pricing gets oddball. However it nickles and dimes fairly fast.

Cricket charges a dollar (or two or three depending on plan) and that's it for phone calls (there is a cost associated with sending text, pictures, and web access, but I have a bottom of the barrel no-camera dumb phone.)

Service seems far better in my area, and I can always move up or down to different plans no questions asked. With verizon I could only move UP, never going back down to cheaper (I could be wrong but that's the vibe  I got off things.)

Food for thought I guess.
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