Valkyrie: Post Fight Downer

     Been awhile since I've updated any of my stories. Now I suppose is as good a time as any.

     It was late when Sam got home David had demanded to know what happen, and she had to stop her story repeatedly to explain this point or that, since she didn't quite understand a few things either and had to quiz her armor for clarification. In the end David was satisfied only that she had come out more or less in one piece but not that she was alright. So he insisted on spending the night.
     "David I really appreciate it but I'm fine." Sam was curled up on one side of her couch while David gave a token flip through the different TV channels before putting a movie in. "Really. Just a . bad day at work. They made sure I'd be able to cope with the occasional kidnapping before they certified me."
     David patted Sam's shoulder as he passed her on the way to the kitchen. "Sure, and that's why you've eaten half a box of cookies and haven't tried making me leave?" He handed her a drink on the way back to the recliner he had been sitting in before popping the top of the one he'd grabbed for himself. "Don't tell me you wouldn't either. You've tried plenty of times, and now with that suit of weird crazy you're able to dead lift a small car. If you really wanted to make me go there's nothing I could do."
     This caused Sam to stop short of voicing the response she'd started to think of and think. There really wasn't anything David could do if she put her mind to making him leave, but doing so would leave him hurt, and she never was the sort to go out of her way to hurt the few friends she'd managed to keep over the years. "So whatcha got in mind." She started to grin as she leaned over to her house guest. "Candle lights, rose scented bath.... maybe see where that goes?"
     She eased off when David's face got somewhere between confused and hurt. "Oh Dave, you know I'm just teasing. My couch is at your disposal."

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