Virtual SNES has launched!

To kick off my first round of guest postings, I've found a good one. Virtual SNES has officially launched today, bringing Super Nintendo goodness to the series of tubes. Sure there is always emulation, but for people with the CR-48 and other "network appliances" there really isn't much choice but to use the Internet for a gaming fix. There are around 134 games available already, with many more in the works. If Virtual GBX (GameBoy Color emulator) and Virtual NES are any indication, Virtual SNES could be a rather useful gaming resource for those with limited game installing capability. There are also javascript emulators out there like JSGB and JSNES but they are really limited to Chrome/Chromium/Iron and Opera at the moment. Firefox 4 is a bit too slow at the time of this writing (4.0 Beta 11) for full blown javascript applications like emulators to run well, but thats for another post. The Virtual* emulators run fine however since they use Java, not Javascript.

Now if you'll excuse me, its Valentine's Day and a few SNES games require my loving touch.
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