Wake up to Email flood: Not Amused

     I own a Cr-48. I'm quite happy with the little gizmo Santa Google sent me for Christmas. I had signed up for Chrome OS Lounge before now as it seemed to be the largest most inclusive group out there that focuses on Chrome OS. At least that's what I'd found during my slight browsing around. Heres' the thing. I'd gotten signed up for the Chrome OS Group, or well... not actually since when I went to Groups I was told I wasn't a member.

     What's going on here? Back up a tic. I got email bombed sometime around two or three in the morning with about 200+ messages. I find out about this when I check mail this morning and go to change settings. I'm not part of the group but I'm getting mail from them. Strange but apparently it's being sorted out. I just feel sorry for those that had their phones set to give mail notifications.
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