What is a Doctor to do?

So, my first blog. I feel...odd. Anyway, so this is an odd event, though quickly solved. I've been working on a Doctor Who costume for the past couple weeks, and just got my spankin' new Sonic Screwdriver, 10th Doctor edition, today. Lo and behold...the sound chip is fried before its barely out of the box.

So, call up ThinkGeek, wait a tick, and I get a very nice customer service rep who gets an exchange processing put in. Very fast response time, normally I don't expect that for a specialty shop like that. Yeah, it's a bit more of a wait, but at least I'll hopefully get one that's not the oddball defective screwdriver again. Just wish they still had them with the Psychic Paper wallet, but that won't be to hard to make myself.

Speaking of the Doctor, the outfit is actually almost done after twenty minutes at a local thrift shop where I found the almost perfect brown wool coat to emulate David Tennet's long coat as the Tenth Doctor. It's got noticeable differences, but it looks close enough to give the right impression, and actually has a very nice slimming effect on me when I wear it. Now I just need a couple more outfit parts, and the new wig for the intended coloring to be ready for Conduit in May.

Galifrey help me in building that TARDIS...

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