Wheelchairs:Now in DiY/Open Source Flavors?

     So I saw This Article on boingboing. Being disabled myself, though thankfully having full use of my legs, this is of passing interest. So after doing a little cursory sniffing about. Here's another site that deals in those chairs, or possibly something that evolved into something that looks the same due to it being a relatively straightforward solution.

     Honestly never realized Chair prices were an issue. Then again I've never had to use a wheelchair so it's all really abstract for me unfortunately. Still, if what I've skimmed pointing at propritary sizes for everything, specialty everything that requires weeks of monkeying around with The System strikes me as just plain evil. Taking advantage of a group of people that have simple and basic mobility problems is... wrong. Figure out a way to mass produce these things from off the shelf parts.

    Hell, I"m pretty sure if personally motivated I could find family that could build one from stuff easily and readily obtainable from your hardware store of choice for the simple fact that if something breaks, no paperwork or anything. Run down to get a replacement bolt/pipe/grip/motor/whatever.
Tell me 'power chair' doesn't come to mind when you first saw one.

    Actually hang on a tic. Why not go with lawnmower parts? Can someone who actually needs a chair on a day to day basis enlighten me on the issue? I mean from an unenlightened perspective it seems a combination of off the shelf parts and a little DiY from someone who understands the forces involved should net something easy to build, maintain, and won't break the bank in the process.

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