I'm actually fairly clueless on the specifics and distrustful of different 'fact' sites that have sprung up trying to sway opinions this way and that. However no matter how it's spun this is yet another sign in this country that the general population seems to feel that going through proper non-dramatic channels to resolve problems of workers rights, wages, and assurances that the security of such things we view as basic employee rights will accomplish nothing. After all why bother if you feel the entire system is rigged to favor those that can buy votes and afford to avoid the hassles of mere mortals.

We're facing, as we did a century ago, the problems of the middle class feeling that those of the upper class don't care about the problems Joe Average faces. I won't get into a pro/anti union debate here. I simply don't know enough on the issue and, if past discussions are anything to go by, I would at best offer only a strawman to the pro-union side of the coin.

Still, whatever side of Wisconsin's protests you fall on the fact they can protest without fear of getting teargassed/firebombed/shot (tweets from now ex-assistant-attorney generals to one side) makes me smile. America is a flawed country that must constantly be tended and pruned lest the wants and needs of the majority are choked out by the greed of a privileged few, but the basic assurances that we can say as we want, gather for whatever cause we wish, and not fear for our safety from jackbooted government sponsored thugs is a sign that we have not collectively lost our way so badly that we cannot find our way back.

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