Blade Runner Sequel: It could work

German Movie Poster. I like it.
New 'Blade Runner' producers talk movie prequel. Or maybe a sequel.

Why am I waiting so long before speaking? Simple. My first reaction was something along the lines of 'Dear Sweet Merciful Bob don't let this happen.' Hollywood, as i see it, has run dry for the most part and given Blade Runner itself is a 'love it or hate it' sort of film it's a very tough act to follow. Also the sorta-simi-sidequel Soldier also panned (and I like it too). So I kinda doubt Hollywood is going to go with something other than 'more of the same CGI-crutch for a weak film.)

Then I got to thinking: If this thing were to happen, since we've seen good series reboots/sequels in the past, how would I want to see it done?

On the one hand I want Ridley Scott involved since, well, he's the original director and put a metric boatload of effort into making it work. On the other he's a bit of a 'message' guy that can get a bit long and meandering even for me. JJ Abrams I would consider, given his treatment of Star Trek. They hand it to somebody like Micheal Bay and I walk. The guy does good action, but we don't need the language of Explosions to dominate this one.

Shaei Laboof seems like a logical choice doesn't it? Guy's pretty much an apprentice to Harrison Ford, plus he has enough of a name draw and experience in other 'niche' franchises that a crowd might gather. Unfortunately while him and Megan Fox might work if you go under a few different angles I just can't see them as traditional leads. After all Replicants, largely, are supposed to be made for working and unless you want to want to play the sexpot assassin angle Megan just doesn't look like she'd work. Shaei himself I dunno. Could work as a domestic type? After all not ever job requires endless stamina or military survivability.

Then there's setting. There's more than LA, and I do not want yet another New York movie. We have a whole world (plus colonies.) Let's go for something other than the obvious. Maybe have somewhere that's trying to fight back the crufty retrofit everything look as some sort of urban renewal project at the start (or possibly start in the privileged hermetic bubble of the upper case) and descend into the gritty decaying under-city we got introduced to in the first movie.

It could work if it's done right. I just have no faith that anyone would try. As a consolation, I suppose, is the fact we'd get new tie-in merch and games?
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