Chrome OS dev Update

This update has actualy been out for awhile, but since I hadn't noticed any fixes to either the media player or any other visable changes I had wanted 
to hold off on reporting until next update or whenever I could tell something has changed. That has changed now that I had reason to enable advanced 
file system.

Media player is still borked. Browsing might be a touch better, but nothing dramatic. Still have yet to personally experiance many of the 
touchpad/audio bugs talked about by most others in dev channel (for which I'm grateful.)

Big thing here is when you take something out of usb or sd slot instead of just leaving the drive name there it unmounts (or at least gets rid of the 
entry till you plug it back in.)

In simi-related news I have flashed home router (wrt54g .v6) with the latest official firmware linksys provides. Connection still isn't automatic 
whenever there's a shutdown, but now I can seem to disconnect/reconnect from laptop to fix it without involving the desktop. 
Proof is in the screenshot:

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