Good News/Bad News with Chrome OS This Week

My past week's experiances with Chrome OS in 'good news/bad news' form.

Good news: There's been lots of updates to Dev Branch.
Bad news: ....because lots of people seem to report lots of crashing (including me) and the codemonkies behind the scenes are trying to fix it.

Good news: I've had overall good experiences using Chrome OS for your average day to day needs.
Bad news: We STILL don't have offline google docs! C'mon Google that was a feature that got beat over our heads at launch!

Good News: I've been part of the Plot Program for Three Months and would recommend any netbook/notebook for those not all that tech/computer savvy, or just want a secondary box laying around to pass around that you won't likely have to get called in to fix.
Bad News: Chrome OS still doesn't feel there to me. Oh sure for the most part, based on me passing the thing around and letting other people kick it about, it's good as a daily beater but without java, and the latest bout of flash squirrly (that might be fixed by now) It can run into some problems. Granted about the only reason I say this is because I can't play minecraft in Chrome OS, and I haven't gotten Quake Live working (It's been awhile, it might be up and running now, but I doubt it.)

Good news: Other geeks I know seem to like the idea of a duel boot between chrome and whatever their preferred linux flavor is so you can have ease of use/being able to pass the box around and if you need more just flip and you have a traditional desktop.
Bad news: The idea I have of both sharing a kernal to conserve space and provide consistency between the OS's. Anyone that has a clue is welcome to chime in.

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