Just Installed Ubuntu on my Cr-48

Due to having an extended period offline I thought having Ubuntu as an option would be a good idea. After all even though you can do a few things sans Internet the Chrome Book really isn't much use if you can't connect. So I followed Jay Lee's instructions and have an easy to reverse install.

So far so good. I have reasonable functionality and a few capabilities I missed. It isn't quite as snappy and the trackpad feels off, but I have a wireless mouse and do plan on reverting back to chrome once I have this partition set up.

Why do it if I have what I want with 'buntu and a chromium browser? I agreed to test Chrome OS, not 'some random linux'. I'm only making the change against any later instances of being stuck with a matte black paperwieght.

Edit: Used the supplied script and now Crate boots back to Chrome OS by default. Options are Good... especially when they don't blow your boxen up.
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