...my regeneration is running late...

So yes, still working on the Doctor costume, with only a couple months left to went I want to debut it at Conduit 21; Caped Crusaders of Conduit. If all goes well, I'll be part of a group, including the Tenth, the Fourth, and hopefully we'll have a TARDIS ready.

So life is going okay. My car finally passed inspections, I'm heading to DMV to get my permanent tags tomorrow morning, and I'm looking forward to finally getting work started on a commission job that's been sadly overdue mostly in part to piling bills and a bit of debt. A small art piece commissioned by a friend should hopefully be in his digital hands soon, just putting some finishing touches to it and should be able to get a scan for him this weekend after the annual Garrison meeting. In the meantime, I get to deal with bills, bills, and more bills, and the rising costs of fuel are not helping.

And I've also considered resuming work on an original novel that me and my best friend have been detailing for years, but again, writer's block is a horrible enemy. I may post a sample here sometime soon, depending.
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