My thoughts on Japan

I've kept quiet on the matter of Japan's suffering due to the fact I really have no idea where to start. Families torn apart then reunited, the Chief Cabinet Secretary staying up pretty much all weekend giving public updates and information along with his many other responsibilities, the nuclear boondoggle going on...

No I'm not linking to any of it. I actually already feel somewhat dirty in having 'japan' in the title since I have nothing useful to add and I'm sure just breathing about the earthquake/tsunami/reactor problems will cause a traffic spike. I have nothing to offer on the matter other than well wishes and probably too often said words from everybody else out there.

As for my personal lack of posting. Trying, but lack of focus sucks. Some weeks are better than others, and the past couple have been really crummy on that count. Thankfully other than my focus is concerned I've been doing pretty good.

Anyone want a puppy? My dog just had babies.
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