Review: Turing Evolved

Back when I first got my Nook I found out you needed a credit card to get the thing registered with Barns and Noble's store, even the free to download stuff. Y'know since most of the free stuff is either demoware or might try charging you later. Eh well. I started nosing around the net and found. With that in mind I'd looked for what was freely available in, or at least offering alternative purchasing methods.

First I'd taken my old .lit copy of Ariel and converted it to epub, which works out quite well since epub is actually a descendant of the .lit format. Then to download Cory Doctorow's books, since he's awesome enough to let you do that. After that I went to mobiread to see if any other unknowns were doing what I plan on and release my work as a free e-book to try getting interest.

That's when I found Turing Evolved. Interesting read about an Ex-Millitary type that's gone into humanitarian work pulling people who've been in MINDspace (think full immersion virtual reality) who encounters one of the few existing free-roaming unsupervised AI in the world and it just goes from there.

Takes a very plausible feeling approach to technology. People's fears over androids because it started out as a military project keeping robots from becoming consumer items, people fleeing the real world for virtual reality and having to get pulled out because bandwidth and life support costs bleed 'em dry.

It isn't family friendly due to a few scenes in the middle near the end. However it has good progression, a satisfying end, and a world I want to see MORE of.

Oh and the author's releasing it free under a creative commons license, which is awesome on its own. You can get it at Smashwords in a variety of formats and the author has said he would do more with the world. I for one sincerely hope he does because enough is shown to make you want to see the rest.

This guy does not make money except by donations. Included in the book is his paypal information. If you read and like the work I encourage anyone out there to donate. Nothing too extravagant. Just a little monetary thank you for the time and effort put into it.
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