Three Months in the Clouds: Flash Troubles Abound

Granted this is likely due to me being on dev branch for updates but currently I'm experiencing deal-breaking problems with Flash. Youtube, Grooveshark, and pretty much anywhere that has a media stream is borked. That aside, as it's a cost of being in the developer update branch, the unit is holding up fairly well.

That said I still can't live completely in The Cloud so have Ubuntu up via Jay Lee's instructions as I didn't want to invalidate the chrome os environment by installing the luigi bios.) It's not perfect since though I've used linux in the past I'm kindof learning as I go. However it's a good fallback for those times when I either can't do what i want In Cloud just yet, or if (like right now) chrome OS is going wierd and I need to get around the problem.

My earlier assessment still stands: Chrome OS would make a killer default bootup option for a multi-OS system.

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