Google Gone Retro with Prank Extention

Feeling crushed by the impending caps imposed by your service provider?

Wanting a 'simpler' interface with the web that reaches back to the days of yore when everything was Text? ... yet you want the underpinnings of a modern browser?

Have I got the thing for you buddy?

Oh Sure it renders things kinda funky but you have Chrome mixed with the simplicity and nostalgia of Raw Text... slightly enhanced here and there with HTML5 and the occasional image. Disable-able and actually with some refinement this would be a viable alternitive. If nothing else it says how much data you've saved at the bottom of the page (no I don't know if it actually loads the missing elements or what... so take this as a grain of salt. It's an april fool's joke i actually enjoy and would like to see expanded on.)

Update: On flipping the extension off the layouts have stayed the same. Images weren't loaded without manually hitting the reload button, and it's some kind of weird.

Inbound Screenshot. Works on the whole web, but results are... odd.
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