Chrome OS 0.12.433.57 - I finally got it

As mentioned in Jay Lee's blog, this is one of the rare times where the version available on beta channel exceeds the version on dev. Considering commercially available chromebooks will be for sale on June 15th the overall lack of new features and obvious changes is understandable.

However given my personal situation the update is a long time in coming. Why? Very slow, near dialup speeds in fact, home connection combined with a machine that was becoming increasingly  fidgety. I'm unsure what caused my chromebook to become so unstable that it would constantly either black screen, crash, refuse to save what you wanted saved, or corrupt your profile data forcing you to have to wipe and wait for your data to re-synch. Finally managed to get wiped back to nothing (forgot I had the restore image on the desktop) and updated to latest.

Given I was probably a couple versions behind the only thing I really notice, stability aside, was the cleaned up placeholder art for user profiles if you don't want to take a picture of yourself. Still have the grey on grey theme (which I dislike since it makes seeing the clock and battery harder for me to see.)

Maybe I can get back to writing now.
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