Chrome OS: Dev 0.12.433.38 - Month Five in The Cloud

So what do we have for this past month? Sadly on my end not a whole lot since due to ongoing financial issues I've had to rely on public wifi for connectivity. However in those times when I do have a connection Chrome has been going quite well, and as of Friday I'd gotten my mitts on a new dev update.

What's in said update?

Cosmetics mostly from what I've seen. New icons for connectivity bars and battery, plus some temp looking artwork for the login screen for Guest and if you don't have a profile picture up. Hope they change that since i dislike... but good to see them working I guess?

Pepper Flash (the version that's sandboxed away from everything else) seems to be enabled by default. No comment on improved stability since I hadn't enough time to play with it.

Might have been last update, or maybe this one but the offline help page(s) seem a bit better put together. Personal preference maybe, but it looks nicer.

Discussions that if you have 3g enabled that connection has priority over wifi... so disable if you aren't wanting to use it.

There's also reports of a restructure of the Web Store but I dun see it to be honest. Still a near unnavicable mess if what you want isn't in the popular section. Really wish they'd fix that. It's GOOGLE daggnabit! You'd think they would have, if not at start of beta a blinkin month before the chromebooks go live we'd see substantial improvements here.

STILL nothing on offline google docs. Disappointed with this.

File browser could use more polish, but work apparently has been done here and there. Trouble is I don't know ho to move files off the harddrive onto removable media. So far not very intuitive.

Now then, before I go I have to sit and scratch my head at the whole Angry Birds thing. So far as I see it's just Crush the Castle.... Great. Fun times, but CtC apparently has far more ammo types, allows you to build your own levels (and share them!) I dunno which came first really. Still kinda fun now that I've monkied with it a bit.

Do Not Like the pricing for the samsung/acer models coming out. I could understand the price if it was a windows box, but what you're asking someone to spend roughly $350 - $450 on is a slightly upsized netbooks that can't even do offline functionality. Sorry but.... No Thanks.
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