Nintendo Makes Me Unhappy

OK... I get that you would want to protect your intellectual property from software pirates. Understandable since in most cases a console is sold under cost since you then can charge whatever you like for the games especially if it's a pokemon title which seems like frakking CRACK (God help the world if Angry Birds gets ported... a title people might want to buy in the DSi Store... UNPOSSIBLE!)

Off on a tangent I'm afraid.

Here's the part of the article that got my gears in a twist.

The group actually called and spoke to Nintendo, Gay told me, and "they confirmed that in fact, they could brick a device with a firmware update.
"Further, they stated that they are unsure that they could repair a device to make it so that it could run again," he added. "And, that if they did brick a device, they would void the warranty; therefore the person would have to pay for the attempt to service and repair the device -- e.g., unbrick it -- which they are not sure would work anyhow."
No. You give us a bad firmware watch you are obligated, if not by your written user agreements then by basic decency as part of your relationship with your customer base, to make it right. There is a not-so-subtle threat there that 'you get caught using a flash cart we will send you an intentionally bad update just to turn your toy into a paperwieght.'
Put to one side the fact I think the DSi Family is incredibly gimped feature-wise off the shelf and let's focus on the whole 'all user content is our property.' Wrongness beyond all comprehending. Pictures taken, drawings made... or even stories written (used homebrew on my ds to make story notes and I think there are a few note-taking apps in the DSi store) are my property Nintendo. Not Yours.
There is a protest on-going where people are sending bricks made out of folded paper. If it wasn't for the expense I'd say send real bricks. Lots of 'em.

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