Review: Black Hats, Criminals, and Scammers in the Internet Age

I'm a big fan of the Internet and Computers. Just ask my relatives. They think, and are likely right. that I spend too much time plugged in. The history of the Internet, from ARPA, to the BBS Era, to Usenet, to Today fascinates me. The trouble is the Internet is a fast moving subject. So unless you want to write about a past set of events (like.. say... the Origins of ARPAnet) your book about 'current' events is going to become outdated six months after being published.

So why am I reading a book about Spam, Hackers (Crackers... the 'correct' term depends on who you ask.) and whatnot if it was written before the Social Networking Explosion? Well it's still relevant, and it's interesting to see how fears and trends pointed out have progressed over time.

It explores the personality types behind those that either want to Get Ritch off the masses, untrained eyes can pick out.those looking to explore the bounds of Networking (whether they’re allowed to or not.) The RIAA/MPAA, the DMCA... It’s a good read.

Unfortunately the epub edition suffers from formatting and grammatical issues. Namely it is the one book in my nook’s library that throws up error flags. It seems to take twice as long to load as other books of similar size, and there’s a whole host of spelling and sentence structure errors even my untrained eyes can pick out. Does this make it a bad work? No. It does, however, make the whole look somewhat unprofessional.

I appreciate that, near the back of the book, is are lists of things users, sys admins, policy makers, and the like can each do to maybe make the wild woolly bad sad mad Interweb work a little better.

It’s for sale at Amazon and Barns & Noble but it’s almost out of print, and the kindle edition costs almost as much as the print edition. So the author has made it available for free in .epub and .mobi formats on his blog.
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