Hello there you big scary weird and wonderful word. I've been gone for months. Haven't added any stories to this blog even longer than that.  What've I been up to?

Moved. Needed doing honestly. Sure I'm a bit out of the way, but cost of living is lower here and other than the people practicing for hunting season (I hope that's what has all the gunfire around here) It's quiet. Granted biking is out since I'm right next to a highway and roadkill is a problem on my road, but it's generally quiet. Mostly.

Let's see. I've more or less decided to abandon Facebook.

Google+ came out over the summer. Finally decided to give that a spin (I'll put my profile link in the sidebar somewhere.) Decided since it's able to handle the pesky things like 'what I think about x' type posts I might's well move the short-content (less than 500 words) there.

What do I need to do? Ah right. Cleaning up the tag cloud would be nice I guess. Writing would be even nicer. Got tons of ideas but I haven't really written anything. Not sure why either. It's like I'll start, then lose interest between opening whatever and actually doing. Bite the bullet and get going. Sure nobody cares and feedback is nonexistent, but I'm happier writing. So why don't I?

Ah well, enough of the pity party. Let's find something for me to do ya?
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