America the Chained

The sum of my Frustrations.

I'll be the first to admit I'm not the most reliable of people where predicting future events are concerned. That and I'm far from the most knowledgeable people but hey. I like to play 'what if' now and again. After all we're looking at a best case of simply having sites disappear from search listings and a worst case of... I don't want to immediately draw links to China, but site De-Listing (and freezing paypal accounts.) Forcing ISP's to double as content cops? What's next. The Great Firewall of America so you can't just use TOR to get the unfiltered net?

Iran is proving that won't work. All it'll do is slow the internet down and turn the population against you.

I was going to list here alternatives to the Internet, ways of making a system not dependent on the web as a backbone to get content here and around but let's look at Oppressed countries. Let's look at how China's security is gotten around. Look at Iran. Look at the nations I grew up being taught were Bad Horrible Monstrous things because they treated their populations like criminals.

Here is an interesting article I saw about PROTECT-IP and what it would mean for DNS (hint: nothing good.)

Now if they wanted to transition away from the global internet and try a walled garden approach I'd say go ahead. Except you'd be flushing taxpayer money down a hole that has been proven by history to not work. People don't want walled gardens (and before you point fingers at apple and the iphone that's a walled app garden. They have pretty much unlimited access to the internet.)

Still. I guess if they managed some kind of slick social network that would migrate people over with the promise of no more spam viagra breast enlarging email from nigerian princes they might be able to make ti work. Granted I don't think it would except in a cold day in hell, but I won't discount the idea of it happening down the road. Look at spam. That alone is a viability not-IP related reason to try securing the net and switching over. Redoing the infrastructure from scratch to deal with (and only with) current technologies rather than be forced to maintain compatibility.

That could work, and at first it would have to serve primarily business interests. Possibly also educational institutions. Then you'd slowly expand outward.

Anyway All this rambling and looking at the occupy movement. The failures and failings that we've put up with, moaned about, and done little to fix. It's our fault for letting it get this bad.

The whole system makes me sick because I know that reform won't happen just by replacing those in office. There are other factors in play that seem to ensure only the corrupt or easily corrupted get into the positions where you're able to vote amongst them to see who's next in line.

I don't want to sound like a tinfoil hat nutjob. I really don't, but we've let it get this bad. How do we fix it short of bloody destructive wasteful revolution?
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