Chrome OS Dev Channel Update - 1193.15.0

Pictures are worth Lots of words.
So new update. I mean Brand New. Also the first update I plan on documenting since returning to Das Cloud.

So far, and this from like ten minutes of browsing, I have to say it's a little snappier feeling. Could just be me and 'new update' placebo effect going on. With that said I'm gonna look at what I've noticed so far.

Yay, Profile Picture Options!
First up I saw the addition of letting you choose from the file shelf for images as opposed to either the webcam or predefined stock images. Not sure if the Simpsonized me is from Blogger or my Google Plus profile, but  apparently it's pulled that image from at least one of the services I use with Google.

At Long Last. We Have Bluetooth.
the Cr-48 has bluetooth built in. It has had this since it shipped. Yet up till recently there's been no way to actually use it (unless there's some command line stuff I didn't know about.) Can't speak for last dev but this is the first time I saw, right in the system tools menu a bluetooth option. Rather like they don't leave it enabled by default since that could be seen as a security issue by some, and definitely a battery drainer. Nothing for me to test it on. Sorry.

I'm told Android Market looks like this.
Lastly something that's not strictly an OS update. Dev bracnh on Chrome (be it Windows, Linux, Whatever) has access to a new look for the Web Store. Seems to be a bit more resource intinsive, but I'm finding things easier. hen you click on an item an in-page popup hits that you can then x out of instead of hitting the back button. You have tabs in that popup for reviews, overviews, and the intro blurb/images/video thing. Looks nicer. Haven't used it enough to judge functionality quite yet.

Oh. One last thing. Because this is Dev branch things are bound to break. Keep that in mind if you wanna test the new shinies.
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