Google Plus

Actually. I've had the profile for awhile. I'd had it since Beta due to a lucky invite. It's a social network? Whoopity Doo. I know at least one of the folk I'd left rights to post here doesn't like social networking on general and security principles, which is perfectly fine really.

However between Circles letting you easily segregate your friends/contacts/whoever out between people you're following (they don't have to friend/circle/add you back,) Work, Family, 'Friends', Actual Friends, Local people, and so on and the fact the gaming updates are in a totally different tab so isn't cluttering your stream gives it a leg up on Facebook for me.

Let's look at the Circling and Seperation. Yes yes it's all reletive in that your boss could also be in a different circle along with Work, or somebody could sit and re-share something you'd marked as not for work and he gets wind of it that way. However even though facebook has supposedly had this sort of capability I never saw it, and it was never straightforward. So while yes there's still a risk of all your drunken party photos still getting you fired from work, or your family finding out just where you were last night because some buddy sat and added you drunk and table dancing while wearing the rug like a toga, it's still a sight easier to segregate this from that.

Plus you can separate all the people you actually see and can pop off a message from your phone, and only they get it (in theory.) Yes fine you could email them, but from what I've seen Email is fairly dead unless it's work related.

Now. Big annoyance of mine with facebook was the fact that if your friend did such and such in FarmPioneereTownville you would get spammed with updates. I've liked facebook games for the sheer addictivness of them, but I've also stayed away for the same reason. I don't care that you just harvested a crop or gained new levels or something. Google Plus puts all those sorts of updates in the gaming tab. Yes Zynga has games there. No I'm not playing them. I've broken my promise to leave if Zynga showed up, but that's only because my stream isn't being polluted by their incessant 'try me try me try meeeeeeeee' messages.

So Far I've made no direct mention of Facebook's latest Privecy Snafu(s). I'm not going to either. Haven't used facebook since before summer. Not really kept up with it. Don't want to keep up with it. Plus it's Google. Even if it is supposed to be Anonymized they're still using Google + to mine data for advertisers. That's how they make money. I don't have that big a problem with it since it's how they've managed to subsidize all the services I use.

I drink the Google Koolaid by the Gallon. I'll get wierded out over stuff they occasionally pull, and I'll be just as outraged as anybody over the wifi sniffing cruft that's gone on, but at the end of the day anyone that wanted to could point out I'm a Google Drone, and they'd probably be right.

I just hope that Plus doesn't end up nosediving like Facebook and Myspace did. After all both of them started out Great then ended up, for one reason or another, sucking enough that people started to flee en mass. I like the clean simple layout. I like the reverse chronological post order. I love circles. I love how easy it is to add people, to tell Plus who I want to see what, and i havent' even really started in on the hnagouts and othe features.

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