Permission to Try Dumb Ideas

I haven't done that much writing in the past few months. In fact my blog has seen updates mainly because I've let other people put things up from time to time. So why should I care about a challenge to write a novel in a month?

Normally I'm the sort of person that stresses over story concepts because I've seen so many one-offs and I'm honestly very likely to try something because I just saw it done on TV, in youtube, or wherever, and thought it was neat. Combine that with the fact i normally have a hard time getting feedback and you get a writer who's almost too afraid to write. I know, silly isn't it? However the fact I've had nil luck on getting discussions has been a factor. So again, why should i care about the whole November insanity thing?

There are no expectations here. Most Everybody is gonna suck. It's thousands of people banging out first drafts. Not all of 'em reach the goal. Not all that do try selling the finished product. It's more about having a metric load of people with you for the journey rather than the end result. It's fun. It's insane. Oh it is very much insane.

So in short it gives you permission to try things you would otherwise have written off as 'too stale' or 'not enough people would like it'.

Case in point. I'm going after a story set in a version of the 80's as portrayed by Hollywood. Meaning you could get anything from skaterpunks save the world, to an AI that runs off a massive military Mainframe that would be outstripped performance-wise by your phone today. I have a direction and some of the cast is there.

All too tempted to go with First Person again, but I dunno.
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