Return to the Cloud

Not a Cr-48.
Right then. I've made a bit of a decision. As of a couple weeks ago I'd returned Crate back to the stock firmware and re-installed ChromeOS. Why didn't I make a post about it then? Well first, and actually the biggest reason, is the darned thing kept crashing on me. 

So after following the initial checklist of 'things that could have broken chrome', which included uninstalling the offline gmail extension, I had fewer problems, but it was still crashy. I had just presumed it was a faulty drive and I'd just have to make do till I could buy a replacement.

As of early this week the problem had gotten worse. Blanking out (black screen), freezing, and general oddball behavior. Not having a spare drive on hand I got in touch with the Ninja Support Staff and was given a new checklist to go through. This included opening the case to check the hard-drive ribbon. I've opened Crate up before to tape the bios protection thing over so i could flash the Insyde bios (and install anything I pleased.) So no real squeamishness there.

Turns out the clip holding the drive ribbon where it was supposed to be was on the opposite side of the case hanging out with the usb//headphones I/O ribbon. Yea. Might explain a thing or three on the stability front. Cable re-seated and I see a noticeable speed improvement. I won't say dramatic, but it's definately something I could point at and go 'see, faster.' it's not fast by any stretch, but it's far speedier than it's been in months.

Oh and now I have a completely un-capped DSL connection to play with as opposed to a patched together 3g thing that throttles down after the first few gig of data.

Plus many of the apps for the Chrome Store have matured. Google Docs finally allows for offline viewing. Scratchpad lets you do more than just enter text (I'd say functionality is roughly on par with wordpad.) The OS itself has matured (Dev branch gives us the new ability to do some basic photo manipulation. Mostly Crop/rotate and the like, but always welcome, especially for people like my mom who're coming from using kodak as their album of choice.)

Back to the cloud I Return. Pity I don't have a netflix account, else I'd test see if that plugin works.

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