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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the questions! We've attempted to answer them below. Can you
let us know where your blog is?

Team Robot

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Alright. After playing around with the customizer I have to say the idea is a really good one. 3d Printing is going down in cost enough that people are building their own at home it is my understanding the raw materials are what's expensive after the initial investment.) Also I can see uses for this even as is, especially in the miniatures/tabletop gaming market (they won't look as good as hand painted, but being able to select from a mishmash of parts and just Go Nuts with your own one-offs? Friend of mine would go bananas for that.)

However since I intend on posting any sort of reply to this email into my blog rather than simply gush at how I love the concept. I would appreciate it if someone took a little time to field the following questions of mine.

Q. What gave you the idea for 'let users mix and match parts and we'll print the design out for them'?

[MRN] Most people don't know how to use complicated 3d modeling programs like AutoCad. We wanted to make a way for everyone to have the ability to personalize their world with 3d printing.

Q. Would it be possible to allow a service so users can upload their own project files for you to print? Presumably there would be copyright issues involved, but would something like this be considered for a down the road possibility?

[MRN] There are a number of services which already do this. We are focused on the 99.9999% of the population who aren't able to do this.

Q: Why start with robots? Start with something whimsical and slightly lego-ish then try seeing what other markets exist?

[MRN] Robots and 3d printing...what could be cooler? :-) And robots are
just the beginning!

Q: I note the sudden price jump past three inch printouts. It's understandable that the end product will be expensive due to the one of a kind nature, but what makes it expensive to print? I know the internal volume goes up dramatically as you scale upwards so maybe that's it. Quality goop needs to be had cheaper.

[MRN] The price is based on the volume of the shape, since that defines how much material we need to use to 3d print. Since volume is cubic, it increases very rapidly when the height changes. For example, a shape which is 1"x1"x1" is 1 cubic inch. But a shape which is 2"x2"x2" is 8 cubic inches!

Q. If Robots proves profitable enough to press forward what's next?

[MRN] Keep watching our site. We have a number of awesome products coming soon.

I thank you for your time and the interesting service being provided. Here's to hoping you see lots of success.

[MRN] Thanks!

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