Modempunk: Part 3

You know the hardest part of this? Aside from making sure I don't gaff on details like when Star Trek Next Generation got going or if there were any contemporary tabletop games that used space and or SciFi themes.

Seriously. I wrote a big long huge scene between Max Copper and Siro debating whether Kirk or Picard was the better captain and how each would handle the other's problems. Having to use that bit later on since TNG came out in '87 and 'now' in my story is middle of '86.

Anyway. Hardest part of this is writing something new Every Day. Easy to do in fits and starts a coule times a week. I've always considered myself a fairly creative sort, but NaNoWriMo has always tasked me due to having that daily goal that has to be met or I start lagging behind.

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Since the final doc will have changes here and about I'm including a Google Doc link too. Yes I'm going to go through the links and add a table of contents to each in case people want to go through.

Flamewars and Stolen Goods

Been a week since I'd met Blackbird. We talk on the phone. Constantly. She's Commodore and I'm Apple, but she's a smart girl and she's showing me things about my box I didn't know about. Granted I've never been big into the whole programming thing and all but most of what she's explaining is practical stuff. Methodology, organization of files and the like.

We've been batting around the idea of writing a text adventure or, I dunno, something. The problem is we don't know how zork manages it since they can't go rewriting the whole game from scratch for each system. We'd put the question to a few boards and the general consensus is they use an interpreter that then looks at the game data.

Great. Awesome. We know sorta what they do but no idea how. Plus Steve's making more angrish noises on the boards and he's getting support. Says Blackbird's 'coming out' is just a stunt so everyone will stop paying attention to him.

Granted it IS a stunt, mostly because we couldn't find some peaceable way to talk him into being quiet. Board's in a huff and Copper's growing more frustrated.

Both Blackbird and I have promised we'd help with the Independence Day meetup. Personally don't know how so asking Siro and Venom to help organize, take funds, and the like. Everyone trusts Siro to be impartial and not skim. Dunno why since most of us haven't actually met. Sure there's small clusters of people, but it's largely the board itself that brings us together.

Weird when you stop and think about it since it only runs part of the day and it doesn't even have that big of a warez section and nothing to speak of in art. Ah well. It's mostly talking gaming and the occasional bit of social.

Case in point. Venom and Art have been huge into Dungeons and Dragons. I mean like Godzilla huge. They've been giving me transcriptions of the basic ruleset so I can try coming up with a setting they can use that isn't the usual Conan the Barbarian or Lord of the Rings ripoff.

I am an unrepentant Star Trek nut. I view Kirk, Spock, and McCoy as a holy trinity of interstellar asskicking with Scotty keeping the Enterprise running with Hope Dreams and LOTS of Duct Tape. Blackbird likes Star Wars, and I gotta admit X-Wings and Lightsabers look totally rad, but gimme a phaser any day. I'm also, and if anyone finds out I'm probably going to have to turn my geek card in, of Battlestar Galactica. Don't ask. Please, any hypothetical readers, don't ask. There's a poster of Mars in my bedroom right next to a painting of one of the Tripods that attacked London.

This is brought up because my background is in Space. I know of fantasy settings and even like a few. However I'm going for something rooted in the Stars. Sure TSR has a few things for space but Venom only has DnD so I'm making what they have work for what they want.

[note=SciFi Tabletop Gaming] At the time Venom, Siro, and a few others actually had their eyes on existing systems that could have worked. There was already a Star Trek themed RPG, ditto for Marvel, and I think Gamma World was in 3rd ed. Thing is, none of us had these things and our money was already either used up or spoken for. So make do with what was there and maybe if we were good little jibbering idiots we'd get some shiny new books to play pertend with for Christmas, or if one of us managed to make enough with summer work above and beyond what we'd already decided to save up for. [/note]

There are four days between now and the meetup. Hoping to have something sketched out to give them there. Man this's gonna be one of those 'it's gonna end up weird and everyone's gonna wonder what drugs I've been on' sorta things. I just know it.


Will transcribe later . Right now using a notebook and pen to get everything down. Weird. I've known some of these people months and never actually saw 'em. No wonder the news, media, whoever runs TV Land is cashing in on the spooky computer guy image. Probably going to mishmash tenses during transcribing along with color commentary spaced throughout. Have to remember to keep things consistent. Even if nobody reads this except Blackbird it's good practice. 

The big fireworks display was on the opposite end of town from us. Sure it meant we kinda missed out on the big show, but it meant traffic was less of a problem. Most of us didn't drive so there were a few of the folks there; my dad, blackbird's mom, but surpisingly few adults on hand and It was mostly us pooling what we had in way of food and kaboom.

Granted it wasn't much, and the big draw was the food, but hey make your own fun.

I'd used a good twenty or so sheets of printer paper but I'd gotten Siro that writeup I'd promised. It was only threeish when we got together so plenty of light, and it's not like we were just there for dice rolling. I don't bike, but most everyone else seemed to have one, or a skateboard.

No. I don't skate either. 

[note=Party] Looking back I don't quite get it. I remember things strangely. Maybe I'm mixing stuff that happened later in highschool and or college with what happened that night; but I want to say someone had brought a brick of pot and we got stoned out of our minds waiting on the food to cook. None of that in the writing though so either memory's fuzzy, or this was right before we toed in those particular waters. I dunno, make of it what you will. Was a fun night. Mostly anyway, maybe it would've ended better if we had pot on hand to keep Steve from being such a, and I'm quoting myself here, 'Major source of Bogus Karma.' That is one thing I do not miss about the 80's at all. Good riddence, we have all new slang to be embarrassed about... dawg. [/note]

Steve. I dunno. I just don't. He kept hassling everyone. Demanding a public vote to get Copper removed as admin. For awhile we just ignored the bile and tried getting him to watch the pretty lights, get some fresh air. Mellow a little. It was fine for awhile. Most everyone I talked to agreed he probably just needed someone to talk to, get things off his chest.

Then it just got worse as the night went on. He got louder, bolder, more annoying. A few of us think he was drunk. He just wouldn't let it go. Started screaming at me, copper, blackbird... said we were all trying to hurt him. That we were trying to take away the things he was good at.. My dad ended up calling his dad. Took him to one side to try getting him to open up, or at least he tried to. Steve hit him. Not hard, more of a 'shove person away with your fist so you can hit them' than actually punching.

Then he hit my dad. Full on in the face. I think all of us were too surprised to move. It even caught Steve off guard, or at least he looked as odded out as the rest of us. Dad checked his nose, winced at something when he did. Maybe something got broke, probably not but there's lots of little bones in there that can break.

Steve must've figured out just how major wrong a thing he'd done because he ran for it. Never-mind the fact he left his car there. He ran like were were about to sprout claws and haul ass after him. A few of us might have but I think it was just the shock of it that kept us from reacting as a group.

Dad's fine, at least he's saying he is. 

Have to say I actually feel sorry for Steve. Till we started working together everyone said he was one of the nicest most even tempered people around. Wish I knew what made him snap. Lot of things could've been it. Aku said his home life was in the dumps and he kinda used the boards as an escape. Taro said she'd keep an eye out. See he can be talked down. 

Copper's said nothing on what he'll do about all this. There's other places he can go if it comes down to that, but something's wrong, seriously wrong and I want to know what, but I'm the exact worst person to go poking around.

Blackbird's here with me for the night. Her mom's got a party she wants to go to. So she's got the guest bedroom. Not like we'll be sleeping much.

. . . . .

Oh stop it. We're gonna watch Blade Runner and Tron. It's not like I'm going to make a move on her with dad home. Seriously what kind of bonehead do I look like?

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